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Water Solutions

South Waikato Water Solutions (SWWS), If it pumps we do the lot!.


Water Systems:

We are with you right from the start, to work with you on your design, manufacturing and installation or any other requirements you might have.

We specialize in the distribution of potable water supplies through to effluent, and service all your water systems.

We offer the design and supply of water systems for commercial operations. Travelling irrigators, water storage tanks, submersible and borehole pumps.

SWWS's strength, diversity, reliability and credibility is helping farmers with efficient and practical water solutions.

As all of you in the industry know, wasting water is literally throwing money down the drain.

SWWS specialised product range supplies solutions for every application; water meters, filters, valves, fittings and sprinklers are all sourced from the leading designers of water equipment and systems.

We cater for all your water needs, including water supplies and effluent disposal for your herd, and domestic water and wastewater treatment for your house. We sell a range of pressure pumps for your shed, house and farm, a complete line of water tanks, windmills and even small hydroelectric turbines.

For a free no-obligation design and quote and to recommend a system that will meet your requirements. Give us a call and one our design engineers will visit you on your site. We can offer a turn-key, installed system.

We have a range of knowledgeable staff and a selection of specialised vehicles to make the installation of any pipes and drains easy for you.



At SWWS we can offer you a range of products and services to help you manage your dairy effluent. 
From the washdown pump, to the effluent treatment tanks, to the pumping and application of the effluent onto your land, we have a solution right for you.

For the dispersal of your effluent onto your land, we offer a range of soft and hard hose travelling irrigators, portable sprinkler systems.


For more information on the different products and services call in to our store (and have a coffee) or give us a call.

Wayne designing a system

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