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South Waikato Water Solutions (SWWS), If it pumps we do the lot!.


SWWS specialised product range supplies solutions for every application; water meters, filters, valves, fittings and sprinklers are all sourced from the leading designers of water equipment and systems.

We cater for all your water needs, including water supplies and effluent disposal for your herd, and domestic water and wastewater treatment for your house. We sell a range of pressure pumps for your shed, house and farm, a complete line of water tanks, windmills and even small hydroelectric turbines.

We stock the following leading brands plus many others.

Davey logo Davey - Pumps Hansen logo Hansen - Pipe Fittings
Microlene logo Microlene - Water Filters Lowara logo Lowara - Pumps DAB logo DAB - Pumps

Davey Pumps

DAB Pumps

Water Filters